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  • SC 236 br Cooperberg MR Lubeck DP Meng MV Mehta SS


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    Clinical Genitourinary Cancer June 2019 - e479
    Active Surveillance for PCa
    Supplemental Table 1 Multivariable Logistic Regression or Recommendations of Active Surveillance for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
    Case Presentation (Referent) OR (95% CI) P
    Simon P. Kim et al
    Supplemental Table 1 Continued
    Case Presentation (Referent) OR (95% CI) P
    Abbreviations: CI ¼ confidence interval; OR ¼ odds ratio; PSA ¼ prostate-specific antigen; RO ¼ radiation oncologist; URO ¼ urologist.
    Clinical Genitourinary Cancer June 2019 - e481